The Value of Dredging in The Current World


Silt and other materials that are found at the bottom of water bodies are removed through the process of dredging. Lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies contain the sediments and debris which are removed from the bottom. This is necessary to unblock the waterways which have been filled by sand and silt that is washing downstream.  The purpose of dredging is to ensure the safe passage of boats and ships by sustaining and increasing the depth of navigation channels, anchorages, and berthing areas.The equipment that is used in a dredging activity is called a dredge.  There are different types of dredges, and they are the cutter suction dredger, hopper dredger, trailer suction hopper dredger, clamshell dredger, hydraulic dredger, suction dredger, reclamation dredger, etc.  The dredging equipment have the same use but their application is in different areas. Dredging has other uses which are mining sand, clay, or rock for construction, mining for gold and other valuables, reclaiming damaged areas by old settlers and storms, clearing trash off the sea beds, providing materials for eroded beaches, among others.


A nation's economy requires dredging as it plays a vital role. This is due to the large ships that carry and transport goods which have been imported or exported into and out of a country. Any hitches in between might cause the economy to collapse, and that is where dredging comes in. By making use of these dredges, vessels are assured to stay afloat and not reach the bottom as the right water levels are maintained. They also maintain an increase water depth as larger ships are deployed over time.  It is possible to minimize the exposure of fish, wildlife, and people to contaminants in the water and to stop more spreading of the contaminants in other areas of water bodies by the use of dredging.  The pollution of water bodies from the influx of contaminated sediments that come in from cities and industrial sites has necessitated the need for dredging. The pollutants come in from sources such as sewer overflows, municipal and industrial discharges, and spills. Dredging helps to correct the damage caused by adverse weather conditions and increasing climate changes. Reclamation is needed as a result of rising sea levels and storm damages which have affected many cities.  Port maintenance is made effective by the use of dredges. It is better to have a dredging system in place than wait for damages to occur for action to be taken.  Since the damages that would occur would be mitigated, a lot of money will be saved.


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